No excuse for poor driving


The ‘no excuse for poor driving’ campaign is just part of a whole range of activities delivered by SERP. Working hard to ensure Essex’s road users are as safe as possible, the team focus on educating motorists and motorcyclists:

• To wear a seat belt whenever they are in a vehicle.
• Never to use a phone when driving, even if it is hands free.
• Never to drink and drive/ride; any amount of alcohol will impair a driver’s/rider’s ability.
• Pay attention to speed limits and stay within them; drivers/riders should adjust their speed according to conditions, for example, by slowing down when it is raining
• To ensure that they never exhibit anti-social driver/rider behaviour


These key areas of road safety are targeted during the regular ‘Surround a Town’ (SAT) events, which are used to target areas in the county where research has shown that the most crashes and casualties occur. Essex Police officers stop drivers who are committing a road safety offence such as being on the phone while driving, and with the support of the road safety team, either offer road safety education or, if necessary, issue a penalty notice.

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