‘No excuse for drink/drug driving’


A new campaign by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) offers a range of unpalatable ‘specials’ for anyone tempted to risk drink or drug driving over the forthcoming festive period. More…

 ‘No excuse for poor driving’


The ‘no excuse for poor driving’ campaign is just part of a whole range of activities delivered by the SERP. Working hard to ensure Essex’s road users are as safe as possible, the team focuses on educating motorists and motorcyclists. More…

 ‘Essex Hugger’

The ‘Essex Hugger’ campaign aims to increase motorcycle safety and ultimately reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries amongst motorcyclists. More

AD-PED-BUSAdult pedestrian campaign

This campaign aims to increase the awareness of both pedestrians and drivers of the increased risk of adult pedestrian casualties when they are in a hurry, in the dark or impaired by alcohol. More

 The Honest Truth


In a bid to reduce anti-social driving and the number of 17-24 year olds who are killed or sustain serious injury in road traffic collisions, we have joined other road safety partnerships, police forces and local authorities in launching ‘The Honest Truth’ in Essex. More

Let’s Look Out for Each Other


The Let’s Look Out for Each Other campaign delivers information to drivers and cyclists, enabling them to share the road safely as sharing the road can sometimes lead to different road users getting frustrated. More