Kill that call!


What a difference one small change would have made.

One small change would have saved 4 lives.

Have you ever sent a text or used a mobile phone (not hands free) whilst driving?

That’s exactly what a 30 year HGV driver did back in August this year. On 10th October, he pleaded guilty to 4 counts of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving and 1 count of Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving; he will be sentenced on 31st October 2016.  The driver was filmed on his ‘in cab camera’ talking on his mobile phone whilst driving and because he was not paying attention to driving he was oblivious to the slowing traffic and caused an 8 vehicle pile up.

A 45 year old Mother, her two Sons aged 13 and 11 and her Step-Daughter, aged 11 all died in the collision. A man was also taken to hospital with serious injuries and a further 11 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. All this for the sake of ONE SMALL CHANGE.

Please don’t use a mobile device whilst driving.  Pull over, when it is safe to do so, if you really need to use a hand-held device.  Four lives could have been saved.

If you see a driver using a hand held mobile device for any purpose, and you have a dash cam, please send your footage to

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