Keep looking out for bikers – this bank holiday and every day…

Ahead of this weekend, we’re asking all our road users to look out for each other, especially motorcycles and their riders, to keep everyone safe.

This is in advance of a two-week national road safety operation that launches on Monday 3 June.

Will Cubbin, Partnership Manager for SERP, said: “You might’ve already seen our billboard signs and petrol pump advertising in key collision hot spots across the county, reminding motorists to look out for bikers.

“Motorcyclists make up only 0.8% of traffic on Essex roads but are involved in over 25% of all collisions involving death or serious injury – making them the highest risk road-user group.

“Sadly, between January and April this year, 2 motorcyclists have died in Essex and 36 have been seriously injured. In 2023, 12 motorcyclists lost their lives on Essex roads and a staggering 195 were seriously injured.

“We all have a part to play in reducing these numbers to zero, so please look out for each other, especially during these warmer months when we expect to see more bikers on the roads.”

Inspector Emma Patterson at Essex Police, said: “Next month we’ll be supporting a national road safety campaign focussing on motorcyclists’ safety in which we’ll be carrying out high visibility patrols across the county to keep our roads safe and prevent and reduce risks that threaten the safety and well-being of all our drivers and riders.

“We’re starting that work early; it’s expected that this weekend’s bank holiday will see more vehicles on the roads, including our more vulnerable two-wheel users.

“We want to raise awareness between car drivers and motorcyclists about the steps that both parties can take to avoid collisions.

“I’d encourage drivers of cars and lorries to be alert and considerate to the more vulnerable road users by being extra vigilant of potentially hazardous situations, taking longer to look to ensure the road is clear before manoeuvring, to slow down and to allow extra space when passing motorcyclists.

“Riding a motorcycle safely requires skill and concentration to negotiate bends and rural roads, in particular.

“I’d encourage riders to look after their personal safety by wearing appropriate safety wear that could protect them should they be involved in a collision.”

The national road safety campaign is led by the National Police Chiefs’ Council and is an opportunity to support our aspiration of Vision Zero.

To share the roads safely, we would ask all drivers to take general care by:

  • Being alert, considerate and careful every time you use the roads
  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Wear your seat belt
  • Put your mobile phone away or on silent when driving
  • Don’t drink or drug drive
  • Follow Highway Code guidance to prevent rad offences

To prevent collisions, we’d ask drivers to take extra care when approaching a motorcycle and:

  • Only overtake when safe to do so
  • Avoid near misses by allowing extra space when overtaking
  • Carefully look twice at junctions or before pulling away

We’d ask riders to take extra care too and:

  • Always wear a helmet, suitable footwear and protective clothing
  • If you’ve a pillion passenger on board, make sure they are suitably dressed and wearing a helmet too
  • Ensure that vehicle drivers have seen you before you make a move

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