Join the movement and sign the Essex Vision Zero pledge

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) is calling on individuals, businesses and schools to come together and unite behind Vision Zero.

While road deaths and injuries have reduced over the years, 48 people were killed and 3,515 injured on roads in Essex during 2022.

Vision Zero is the ambition to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads by 2040.

At the heart of the ambition is the Vision Zero pledge, which outlines actions all road users can take to ensure there is a collective responsibility for safety.

With more than 450 pledges already made, SERP is issuing a call to arms to individuals, businesses and schools. It wants to make Essex a shining example of a community united for safety on the roads.

Individuals: your pledge, your safety
For individuals, signing the Vision Zero pledge is a personal commitment to prioritise safety in every journey. It’s about acknowledging the impact of our actions on others, showing respect for fellow road users and being a part of a community that values every life on the road.

Businesses: leading by example
Businesses play a crucial role in fostering a safe environment for employees, customers and the community at large. By signing the pledge, businesses demonstrate their dedication to road safety, setting a positive example that goes beyond the workplace and into the streets we share.

Schools: nurturing responsible road users
Schools and colleges play a pivotal role in nurturing responsible community members. Signing the pledge is an opportunity for schools to instil a culture of safety among pupils. It sends a powerful message that road safety is an integral part of education and community engagement.

SERP is keen for head teachers and parents alike to sign the pledge.

Will Cubbin, SERP manager, said: “SERP delivers road safety education and roadside enforcement across Essex, with 50 separate road safety activity programs planned for next year.

“However, to achieve Vision Zero we need to do more than SERP can achieve on its own.

“That is why we have the pledge. By signing the pledge, you are saying you want Vision Zero, that you are willing to play your part in making the roads safer, and you want others to play their part, too.”

You can sign the Vision Zero pledge at the following link:

Why Vision Zero?
Whether you’re behind the wheel, walking, cycling, scooting or riding a horse, the roads of Essex belong to us all.

With this shared ownership comes a collective responsibility for safety, and that’s where the Essex Vision Zero pledge comes in.

Vision Zero is not just a goal; it’s a commitment to eliminating all road deaths and serious injuries while promoting safe and healthy mobility for everyone. 

In Essex, this vision is not just a concept – it’s a call to action for individuals, businesses, schools and community groups alike.

No matter how we use the roads, safety should be at the forefront of our minds. Whether we’re driving to work, strolling through town, biking to school or enjoying a leisurely horse ride, the responsibility for safety lies with each one of us.

By signing the Essex Vision Zero pledge, you are making a public commitment to be a responsible and vigilant road user.

12 December 2023

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