“How would you tell my parents if you had killed or seriously injured me?”

A SERP Vision Zero leaflet in front of a 30mph sign

Twenty-one speeding drivers were asked this question by school children as part of the most recent Vision Zero Day in Buckhurst Hill.

School Speedwatch involves police officers stopping drivers who are detected speeding on the approaches to schools. The drivers are then offered the opportunity to be questioned by school children rather than being issued with the usual penalty.

The school children ask the drivers about their driving behaviour, and the potential consequences of driving too fast with the aim of encouraging them to change their behaviour in the future.

Claire Stone, Road Safety Technician for SERP, said: “School Speedwatch is a really effective way of promoting safe speeds on our roads as it works in two ways. It’s an emotive way to engage with speeding road users while also educating the children about the importance of road safety.

“Many drivers initially feel that speaking to children is ‘easier’ than receiving penalty points, but quickly change their minds after being asked questions such as, ‘how would you feel if you ran me over’ by a 10-year-old. It is a conversation that will stay with them for some time, and we hope it deters them from speeding in the future.

“Five of the drivers spoken to commented on how the activity had made them think more about their speed, and how the activity is a really good idea.  A few commented on how they just hadn’t realised how fast they were driving, and this will now make them more conscious of their speed in the future.

“Reducing speed on our roads is so important in light of our ambition of zero road deaths and injuries by 2040, as we know that it has the potential to make the most difference. We all have a responsibility to watch our speed and help save lives.”

SERP officers in Buckhurst Hill as part of a Vision Zero day

During the Vision Zero Day on the June 8, 25 drivers were found to not be wearing their seatbelt, four were using their mobile phones, two were driving carelessly and two had no insurance. A total of 248 drivers were caught speeding via our TruCam camera enforcement.

The engagement team in Epping High Street spoke to hundreds of people about road safety issues, including the recent cycle events in London and Essex.

13 June 2022

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