How well do you know the Highway Code changes?

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is encouraging all road users to familiarise themselves with changes to the Highway Code – which were introduced a year ago.

At the heart of the changes, designed principally to improve safety for vulnerable road users, was the creation of a new hierarchy of road users.

The hierarchy means drivers of quicker or heavier modes of travel now have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others on the road.

Cyclists received fresh advice, including guidance to ride in the centre of the lane when there is insufficient space for following vehicles to pass safely.

Cyclists are also advised to take a centre lane position on the approach to junctions or other hazards in order to make themselves clearly visible and increase options for evasive action.

Meanwhile, guidance on the safe passing distances when overtaking or approaching horses was updated. Drivers are now expected to pass horses and horse drawn vehicles at speeds under 10mph and allow at least two metres space.

At the time, the DfT published this handy guide, outlining the eight changes ‘you need to know’.

SERP is encouraging all road users to brush up on the changes – while also re-familiarising themselves with the Highway Code as a whole.

This is because a YouGov poll, carried out in January 2023 on behalf of Cycling UK, found 25% of adults asked were not aware of the changes.

The changes are also explained in this short video, published by the road safety charity Brake.

03 February 2023

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