Have you heard of the app, What3Words?


The free app has location technology which has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and allocated a unique three-word address to each one, meaning anyone can refer to their exact location by simply using three words.

This has helped emergency services locate incidents such as collisions since 2019 and incredibly, SERP has discovered they can describe hazards at locations too (coincidentally).

Here at Walthambury Ford, near Chelmsford, there has been at least four incidents of cyclists coming off their bikes due to the slippery road surface caused by the algae. Please approach the area with caution – it may be safer to use the footbridge.

The three words describing this location are; beats, slab and tricycle.


You can tri cycling through this ford, but the slab gets slippery with algae, but it shouldn’t beat you if you know it’s coming.

SERP is inviting everyone to try and come up with something better – just head over to the SERP Facebook page and comment on the post.

12 July 2021

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