Government launches consultation into increasing penalties for mobile phone use

man-on-the-phone-drivingThe Government has launched a public consultation seeking views on proposals to increase penalty points and fixed penalty notice (FPN) levels for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

This consultation, launched on 26 January, seeks feedback on proposals for increasing the FPN level from £100 to £150 for all drivers.

It also invites views on increasing the penalty points from three to four points for non-HGV drivers, and from three to six points for HGV licence holders who commit the offence while driving a HGV.

The Government first outlined its plans to increase penalties for drivers caught using a mobile phone in its road safety plan in December.

In addition to questions about increasing penalties, the DfT consultation also seeks views on a number of related issues including: whether HGV drivers should be offered a remedial training course for a first offence instead of a FPN; the role the mobile phone and insurance industries might play in improving road safety, including new technology with ‘drive safe’ modes; and whether new technologies should be targeted at certain groups of drivers including young drivers, van drivers, and people driving for work.

Click here to see the full consultation document and details of how to respond.

27 January 2016

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