Forty-six speeders caught within one hour during Clacton SAT day

The latest Surround-a-Town (SAT) day took place on Tuesday, August 24 and involved local Community speed Watch groups.

David Raven, Road Safety Technician, said: “We didn’t have our usual police presence on Tuesday due to officers being diverted to a couple of serious collisions, but that didn’t stop us doing enforcement and speed checks.

“The Little Clacton Community Speed Watch group recorded a staggering 46 speeders within one hour with a top speed of 54mph in a 30mph limit. Our Tru Cam device also captured someone travelling at 60mph in a 40mph zone in St Osyth. 

“Our engagement team interacted with nearly 200 local residents, who were grateful for our visit and for our work to make Essex roads safer. 

“We’d like to thank the local communities for their support and for getting behind Vision Zero. As Road Victim Month draws to a close, it’s good to remind ourselves why initiatives such as SAT days are so important. Zero road deaths and zero serious injuries is the only number we can accept on Essex roads.”

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