Fall Back

This year marks the 100th year since the United Kingdom started turning the clocks back by 1 hour as winter draws in so that our mornings are lighter. At 2.00 a.m. on Sunday 30th October 2016, the clocks go back 1 hour to mark the end of British summer time. Whilst this will benefit us on Sunday morning with an extra hour in bed, once the clocks have gone back the evenings will get dark much earlier, road users will need to put lights on earlier and, where necessary, wear Hi Viz clothing so we can all see and be seen.
With Halloween the very next day and Fireworks Night events just around the corner we will expect to see pedestrians out and about in the early hours of darkness. Reflective materials give you extra visibility after dark as they reflect headlights, fluorescent materials work best in daylight.

Fall Back
Monday 31st October is Halloween and for many families children will go out Trick or Treating. This may bring its own nuisance for some, whilst others will enjoy the fun. Children may not have their attention where it should be, so please think about that one small change and pay extra attention to children having fun on our streets.
As a parent or guardian please take time to remind your children that the nights are drawing in for winter and it is important for their safety that they stay aware and alert to their surroundings. If they are going Trick or Treating make sure you know that they are adequately supervised and safe on the roads. If you are going to a family Firework Night you can protect yourself and your family by making sure you are all visible to traffic.
Make one small change, let’s keep making a difference.

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