Extra Eyes - how you can help

SERP-CAMPAIGN-FINAL-1You can help us reduce collisions by reporting instances of poor and dangerous driving to make Essex roads even safer

Most of the people, who use the roads across Essex, do so responsibly and with care and consideration for others. However, there are a number of road users who occasionally behave irresponsibly or inconsiderately and a smaller number who behave like this regularly. These are the people most likely to cause a collision and present the highest risk of harm to themselves and others.

We want your help to identify these people.

Essex Police has a range of tools at its disposal but with your ‘Extra Eyes’ on the road, your help will be invaluable to Essex Police so they can identify and deal with even more offenders.

The availability of mass market ‘on the go’ cameras means much more irresponsible, dangerous and illegal road behaviour is recorded in video form than ever before. This footage can be sent to us for review by a Roads Policing Investigator from Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Section.

In appropriate cases, Essex Police will have no hesitation in taking positive action against offenders using the evidence that you supply.

Primarily and where suitable offenders will be offered a driver improvement course at their expense in order to educate them and ultimately improve their attitude towards driving. Where the criteria is not met to allow a course and fixed penalty notice or escalation to court may follow.

  • We are not encouraging anyone to go out in search of poor driving behaviour;
  • You must not put yourself in danger or break the law to capture any footage;
  • Footage should be unedited, clear and in focus;
  • The footage should depict dangerous, reckless or inappropriate driving behaviour;
  • Vehicles should be identifiable;
  • You should send your footage with a short account of what you saw;
  • You must be willing to attend court and give evidence;

The footage should be submitted within 48 hours of the incident.

**PLEASE NOTE: Before submitting your footage please ensure you have read and understood the instructions above. If you’re submission does not relate to a driving complaint it will be disregarded.

What do you want to report?

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Thank to Lind Motorcycles of Norwich for their help in producing the photographs for this campaign.