Extra eyes - submit footage

Thanks for submitting your incident report.

Your report will be reviewed by a member of the Safer Essex Roads team and assessed for suitability in terms of further action.

In cases where no further evidence exists in your report, no further action will be possible. Where more than 7 days has passed since the incident to the time of your report, no further action is possible either and the report will unfortunately be disregarded. Also, if the manner of driving or actions by the person reporting falls below that expected of a careful competent driver or if there is any attempt to take the matter in to your own hands, your report will be disregarded.

To allow further action, the incident will have to be at the higher end of the ‘careless driving’ scale or worse which means in some cases where offending has occurred, there may be no further action if the incident does not pass the threshold set to allow it. As a guide, if the incident is something you would expect to see on an average journey, while it is still not acceptable, no further action will be taken under this process. Essex police cannot take sides or deal with anyone without the independent evidence to support the report.

With incidents that do meet the requirements set, formal paperwork will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle and they will be required to provide details of the driver at the time of the alleged offence. Once the driver is confirmed, it is likely they will be offered a ‘driver improvement’ course at their expense in the first instance. Should this offer be declined or they are not suitable, a fixed penalty notice will be issued which if declined will revert to a full prosecution. It is important that you are willing to give evidence in court against the driver should the matter go this far.

We are not in a position to provide step-by-step updates and where possible, we will provide you with the final result in a few months’ time.

How to upload your video

Simply click on the button below and you can upload your video to our dropbox folder (please try and keep the file size as small as possible as we may not be able to process huge files).

Due to technical restraints you can only share footage via this Dropbox link at this time




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