Extra Eyes submissions for June 2021

Extra Eyes submission

Last month (June 2021), the Extra Eyes team processed 225 submissions via the Extra Eyes initiative.

Of these, 123 (55%) resulted in a prosecution. Below is a breakdown of result, road-user type and offence.

111 – Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIPS) (49.33%)
12 – Advice Letters (5.33%)
95 – No Further Action (42.22%)
7 – Other disposal

Car – 123 (54.66% of submissions)
Pedal Cycle – 83 (36.88% of submissions)
Pedestrian – 16 (7.11%) – (this includes cctv, ring doorbells etc.)
Motor cycle – 3
Horse rider – 0

Careless – 89 (Notice of Intended Prosecutions 58 = 65.16%)
Close pass – 84 (37 NIPs = 44.04%)
Red light – 15 (11 NIPs = 73.33%)
Mobile phone – 10 (1 NIPs = 10%)
Contravene signs – 10 (3 NIPs = 30%)

In comparison, in April 2020 the team received 246 submissions, in May 2020 they had 273 and in June they processed 430 pieces of footage.

Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing, said: “Thank you to those members of the public who drive considerately and help keep our roads safe for all road users (especially those most vulnerable; cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists).

“For those instances of inconsiderate/irresponsible/poor standard of driving which have been submitted to us during June 2021 we have prosecuted 55% of them.

“For incidents of driving which demonstrate particular high levels of risk then we encourage the public to report these to us providing video evidence via Extra Eyes on the Safer Essex Roads Partnership website.”

Footage can be submitted here: Driving Complaints (2020) – SERP (saferessexroads.org)

22 July 2021

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