Extra Eyes submissions for July

As our roads get back to normal following lockdown, so have the number of Extra Eyes submissions.

In July 2020, the team received 416 submissions, 106 of these resulting in a prosecution. Of these, 65 close pass submissions were received with 44 resulting in a prosecution.

This compares with 424 submissions in July 2019.

The Extra Eyes team has started issuing warning letters when the offence shown is unable to meet the criteria for a successful prosecution at court. Rather than ignoring the offence, the team hopes the warning acts as a deterrent and discourages the road-user from repeating the behaviour.

In April 2020 the team received 136 submissions, in May 2020 they had 273 and in June they processed 430 pieces of footage.

If you capture poor or dangerous road-user behaviour, please send us the footage at https://saferessexroads.org/driving-complaints-new/.

03 August 2020

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