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You can help us reduce deaths and serious injuries on Essex roads by becoming our Extra Eyes.

Anyone who captures dash cam footage of illegal, poor and dangerous driving can report it on-line.

Extra Eyes is an initiative run by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) which has an aspiration for zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2040. SERP wants all journeys to be safe.  

Most drivers in Essex drive carefully and are considerate to other road users but in June, 363 submissions were made to Extra Eyes where members of the public witnessed drivers or riders committing traffic offences, putting the safety of other road users at risk.

We issued 225 positive resolutions which included 111 notice of intended prosecutions (NIP) and 12 letters of advice. Of those 173 positive resolutions, the top offence was careless driving.

Mick Green, who manages Extra Eyes said: “People may find themselves being reported to Extra Eyes because members of the public recognise that there is the potential for a collision, due to the poor standard of their driving.

“They may feel that they are safe drivers, but they ignore road conditions and put others at risk because of their poor decisions.

“People also make genuine mistakes as we are all human, but Extra Eyes is looking for those who deliberately drive dangerously and illegally or are negligent with regard to the safety of others. We all need to share the road and that includes overtaking other people using the road safely”

“Through Extra Eyes, any footage that is captured on dash cam showing illegal and poor driving can be sent to us for review by one of my investigators within Road Policing at Essex Police and we will take the appropriate action.” 

Extra Eyes review footage of offences including speeding, careless driving, going through red lights, contravening traffic signs and using mobile phones whilst driving.

Based on the evidence supplied by the public, we have a range of options to deal with incidents of illegal and poor driving. On some occasions we will offer a driver the opportunity to attend a course to educate them and to improve their standard of driving; to make better driving decisions and change their attitudes to taking risks. On other occasions, drivers can end up with a fine and some are summonsed to court.

You can submit dash cam footage at any time to Extra Eyes, but we need you to adhere to the following so that we have the best chance to progress your complaint:

  • You and any other witness must be willing to attend court to give evidence
  • Footage must be unedited, clear and in focus
  • Vehicles must be identifiable
  • Submissions must be made within 48 hours of the event
  • Footage must show instances of driving behaviour which amounts to careless driving or leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position
  • Where the alleged driving amounts to an offence and there is no footage, an independent witness, not within your vehicle, is required.

We do not encourage anyone to proactively seek out examples of poor driving; it should be captured on dash cam as part of your normal journey.

You can provide Extra Eyes with information about illegal or poor driving, or about drivers taking unnecessary risks on our roads by visiting https://saferessexroads.org/extra-eyes/

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

05 August 2021

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