Euromix assists SERP with Bikebility training in Clacton


The transport manager of the concrete supplier Euromix attended a Bikeability session which featured a concrete mixer lorry at Clacton County High School on 25-26 September.

Hilary Wicks, senior road safety officer, said: ““We were delighted to be offered the opportunity from Euromix to have use of a large vehicle and blind spot mat – part of the advanced training in Bikeability level 3 is to include education around blind spots on large vehicles.

“It was sometimes very difficult to find a lorry when cycling around the areas near the school and almost impossible to have the support from the driver.

“Euromix has enabled us to deliver this part of the training by supplying a large vehicle to take on to school sites. Their enthusiastic driver was able to explain all the areas of danger and the safety measures Euromix has added to their lorries.

“We cannot thank Euromix enough for all the support they have given us with this invaluable experience.”

Michaela Baker-Wells, Bikeability instructor, added: “The driver was extremely informative and carefully explained the different safety features of the lorry to all the children and to us.

“The children were amazed at how small their bikes were when placed next to the lorry wheels and how little the driver could see when inside the cab. The blind spot mat helped them to understand the importance of where the driver could see them and the distance they needed to keep away from the lorry in order to be seen.

“Whilst the lorry was in the playground, it attracted a huge crowd of children of all school years and the driver also took time to explain to all those who were interested about the safety features on board – so a great deal more children got the benefit of lorry other than those on the Bikeability course.”

Euromix has also agreed to take part in future Bikeability training sessions.

Click here for more information on cycle training sessions offered by SERP.

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