Winter driving

Although summer’s only just finished, the nights are drawing in and over the next few weeks we might be seeing some sub-zero temperatures.

As a new driver, there’s also a good chance that this winter will be the first time you’ve had to contend with icy and snowy conditions on the road, so it’s even more important to make sure that you and your car are prepared for winter.

So, how exactly do you make sure that you’re fully ready for the colder months?

  • Check your oil, anti-freeze levels, screenwash, tyres and lights before setting off to make sure you’re better prepared to tackle difficult driving conditions.
  • Make sure you have breakdown cover – it can be a lifesaver. Whether you’ve broken down on an icy rural road or you wake up in the morning to find your battery’s flat, breakdown cover is essential.
  • Pack a few essentials, including a blanket, a shovel, some food and drink and some sturdy shoes.
  • Check your battery – the cold weather puts extra stress on it and, if it doesn’t hold its charge, you’ll need to replace it.
  • Make sure your windows are defrosted before you set off and that your screenwash is topped up with anti-freeze.
  • Consider winter tyres. They make a huge difference when driving in the snow, providing much more grip and improving stopping distances.
  • If you can’t afford winter tyres, make sure your tyres have plenty of tread on them (the legal limit is 1.6mm) and that they don’t have any cuts, sidewall bulges or bald patches.
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