Why fronting is a bad idea

As a young driver, your risk of being involved in an insurance claim is high, and you pay a high premium as a result. Older, more experienced drivers, however, are a much lower risk, so their insurance costs are much lower.

Many people have spotted this, and in an attempt to keep their insurance costs down have indulged in fronting. Fronting is when a young driver is put on a parent’s insurance policy as a named driver when in fact they are the main driver of the car. In many cases, the parent never gets behind the wheel of the car.

Fronting can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds; however, there are a number of disadvantages to it. Firstly, you won’t build up a no-claims discount which will ultimately lower your insurance costs; secondly, if you’re involved in a crash your parent will lose their no-claims bonus. And thirdly, and most importantly, it’s against the law.

Fronting is fraud – you’re making a false declaration to your insurance company and if your insurer finds out they could charge you a penalty or cancel the policy. And if your policy is cancelled, getting cover again can be difficult or even possible.

Insurance for young drivers is expensive but it’s also necessary unless you genuinely share a car with a parent. But fronting is not the way to keep your costs down.

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