What to do if you have a crash

Having a crash will always be a very emotional experience, but it’s best to try and remain calm, regardless of who was at fault.

More than 75 per cent of drivers admit they’d say sorry at the scene of an accident, which can be perceived as admitting fault. This can put you in a tricky situation with your insurer when you come to make a claim, so make sure you don’t do it, even if you think you are to blame for the accident.

And, most importantly, don’t continue driving; shock induced by any type of car accident can often be delayed.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure the driver of the other vehicle is OK – if they’re in need of medical attention, call the police and an ambulance.
  • You should always make sure your mobile is fully charged or keep a hand-held, manual charger in the car so that you can top up without needing to plug it in.
  • Exchange insurance details with the other driver. Always keep a pen and paper in your glove box and consider writing all of your contact details and insurance particulars on a piece of paper in advance, to give to the third party.
  • Any accident, no matter how minor, can send a person into shock so the more preparations made ahead of time, the better.
  • Take photographs of any damage on your mobile phone or a camera – include the cars involved, the road and any skid-marks. Keep a disposable camera in your glove box to ensure that you always have access to a camera.
  • Don’t get angry. It’s important to stay calm and keep your temper in check at the scene of an accident.
  • Call your insurance company immediately to ensure that the claim and subsequent repairs are handled as quickly as possible.
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