What if I’m hit by an uninsured driver?

An estimated two million drivers are on the road without insurance. What do you do if you hit one – or one hits you?

In any traffic incident you should collect as much info as you can:

·       Car registration number

·       Make and model

·       Driver’s name and address

·       Details of the collision: time, causes, damage.

·       Names and numbers of any witnesses.

If you suspect the other driver isn’t insured (and let’s face it, they’re unlikely to tell you), tell your own insurance company and leave it to them to investigate.
Report the prang to the police because you will need the police incident report for your own insurers, and to claim compensation.

MIB help
If the uninsured driver won’t pay out, you can still claim money for repairs from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). They look after victims of uninsured and untraced drivers. Check www.mib.org.uk

You’ll need to fill out an MIB claim form and supply a police incident report. Check whether your car insurance includes legal advice cover. If not, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau can help with legal know-how.

This is when fully comp insurance pays off, because your car will be covered. Third party only covers paying out for the other driver’s motor.

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