Top 10 tips for staying in the speed limit

“I think it’s down to showing off and not being experienced enough to make the right decision. I think you need to give yourself enough time and space so if you need to change your mind you still can. Keep to speed limits and be safe not showing off,” says Arsenal and England star Theo Walcott.

1. Remember, speed limits are a maximum, not a target.

2. Check your speedometer regularly, especially when leaving high-speed roads.

3. Know the speed limits – look for signs, are you in a built up area? check the junctions.

4. Remember the saying “20’s plenty” when kids are about – even 20 can be too fast, its not always appropriate to drive at the limit.

5. Make third gear your highest gear in a 30mph zone.

6. Assume lamp-posts mean 30mph, but remember it could be 20mph.

7. Think about what makes you speed – keeping up with traffic, overtaking or being tailgated?

8. Concentrate; distracted drivers speed.

9. Slow down when entering villages or towns.

10. Remember that speeding probably won’t get you there quicker.

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