Top 10 fuel-saving tips

“I drive a Toyota Prius. It cost about £17,000, and is so good on petrol that I can’t remember which side of the car the fuel cap is on!” says comedian Bill Bailey.

  1. Keep speed down: between 25mph and 55mph uses the least petrol.
  2. Drive smoothly: jerky braking and harsh acceleration eats up fuel.
  3. Ditch junk from your car: less weight uses less fuel.
  4. Use less air con. Opening windows at high speeds also causes drag.
  5. Switch your engine off when stationary for long periods, for instance in a traffic jam.
  6. Service your car regularly
  7. Use your gears: change up early.
  8. Check your tyre pressures: saggy tyres use more petrol.
  9. Don’t get lost: plan your journey so you don’t drive round in circles.
  10. Strip off the roof rack – unless you need one. They increase drag.
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