Stopped by the police

The police can pull you over for all sorts of stuff: a light not working, your rust-bucket exhaust dragging on the road, your motor over-crammed with mates. They don’t even have to give you a reason. Don’t panic if you’re pulled over; here’s what to do:

  • You must stop; failing to pull over could cost you £1,000.
  • Look for somewhere safe to stop – it’s ok to drive on a little way.
  • Stay in your car with the doors locked.
  • Check that it’s a legit cop car that pulled you over.
  • By law, a copper who stops you MUST be in uniform.
  • Wind the window down and ask to see the officer’s ID warrant card. He MUST carry this.
  • The officer may ask to see your licence, insurance certificate and vehicle registration docs. If you don’t have these on you, you’ll have seven days to show them at a police station.
  • Don’t show off and get gobby; co-operate and be nice.
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