Route planning

One third of UK drivers can’t read a map. In fact, a survey found that most drivers would fail their Cub Scout map-reading badge! So why try doing it while driving?

If you don’t want to get stuck on the A13 for seven hours, make sure you know where you’re going before you set off. Planning your route or setting your sat-nav can save you from the stress of getting lost and from attempting to read a map or reset your sat-nav while you’re driving: dangerous and about as easy as doing the triple jump.

Best of all, you won’t waste miles, petrol and money getting lost. Fewer miles also means less wear and tear on your motor and fewer emissions. Hurrah!

How to plan

  • Websites like AA Route Planner let you tap in your start and finish address and, bingo!, up comes the route, and how long it will take.
  • Hate motorway driving? Plan your route on smaller roads.
  • Check for roadworks or traffic jams and plan around them.
  • Include stops of interest: food and the loo at service stations.
  • Convoy of friends driving with you? If you’ve planned your route online, email it to everyone.
  • If you’re going abroad you can plan foreign routes online.
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