Petrol vs diesel

Find out if one fuel or the other is cheaper and cleaner for your motor

Diesel: do or don’t?
A diesel car might cost more to buy but you may save dosh over time. That’s because diesel generally goes further – more miles to the gallon, which is why taxis and lorries use it. But that counts for little if you’re only popping to the shops. Diesel also pumps out less CO2, so you may pay lower road tax than for a petrol car. And some drivers think diesel cars last longer.

Petrol: perfect or pants?
Petrol cars are cheaper to buy and many drivers reckon they’re faster, smoother and quieter than chugging diesel wagons. New diesel cars aren’t too far behind, however. Back in the day, diesel was cheaper than petrol; now, petrol is cheaper than diesel – but keep checking cos fuel prices go up and down faster than Cheryl Cole’s hair extensions.

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