Personal safety

It’s not just other drivers you need to look out for on the road – you need to take care of your own safety, too. Follow these steps to ensure your personal safety when you’re driving:

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Plan your route so you get safely from A to B without needing to stop for directions.
  • Tell someone – a friend or family member – where you’re going.
  • Before you set off, check your car’s oil, water, petrol and tyres are all good.
  • Charge your mobile before you set off so you can make an emergency call if needed.
  • Keep valuables, like a handbag, sat-nav or iPhone, out of sight inside your car.
  • Driving through built-up areas, keep your windows up and doors locked.
  • Suspect you’re being followed? Drive to a busy area, like a pub or garage, and seek help.
  • Has someone flagged you down? Is it genuine? Drive on to a busy area to alert other people or use your mobile to call for help.
  • Have you been stopped or have you broken down? Do not open the doors. Open the window just enough to talk.
  • If you break down on a motorway, stand on the grass verge, getting out via the passenger side of your car.
  • Never take a lift from a stranger or give a lift to a hitch hiker.
  • Think before parking: will the area be badly lit when you return?
  • Reverse in to a parking space so you can make a speedy exit if necessary.
  • When you return to your parked car or motorbike, have your key ready.
  • Join a national breakdown organisation and carry your membership card.
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