Peer pressure

You respect your mates and your mates respect you. They’d hate to put you – or themselves – in danger. But sometimes they can push you into doing dumb stuff. Driving too fast, for instance. Or showing off in a road race. Did you know that one third of young people in the UK have been in a road race?

“The freedom you get when you have your first car is a real rush. I can understand why so many young men want to show off to their friends and show how fast they can drive,” says Bolton and England footballer Zat Knight.

Maybe your friends don’t bother with seatbelts. Or they push you to drive after you’ve had a few pints or taken drugs.

You know none of these things are safe but you still do ’em cos your mates tell you to. “No” is a simple word but – and here comes the cliché – saying it can save your life.

How to say “no” when it matters:

  • Pause for a minute and think for yourself
  • Plan how you’re going to say “no” in a scenario – and practise it out loud beforehand
  • Remember you don’t have to do what everyone else does
  • Know that you’ll earn respect for being strong and sticking to your boundaries
  • Remember you have to live with the choices you make
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