Passenger safety

As a passenger, you are far more likely to be involved in a collision with a driver aged 17 – 24 years old or a newly qualified driver, than a driver from any other age group.

Did you know?

114 young people were killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions on Essex roads according to the provisional figures in 2012.

  • Girls aged 15 years+  are far more likely to die as a passenger in their boyfriends car than from any other cause.
  • The consequences of a crash are tragic for all involved – emotionally, psychologically as well as physically.
    25% of all car occupant casualties on Essex roads in the past few years have involved the 17-24 year old age group.
  • A good driver considers their passengers comfort and safety.  As a driver, its your responsibility to keep your passengers safe. If your risk taking behaviour leads to a crash, the punishment you face for careless or dangerous driving could mean a criminal record, large fine, disqualification, imprisonment.
  • Passengers you have a responsibility not to distract the driver you’re travelling with and to wear your seatbelt.

Speak up for yourself.….

If you feel uncomfortable about your drivers driving and risk taking behaviour, be brave enough to speak out.  Here are a few lines that may help you.

  • “I’ve just seen a mate, can we stop so I can speak with him?”
  • “I feel sick, can you stop the car?”
  • “I really need some air can you pull over?”

Remember, your life is in their hands so be brave enough to speak up…

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