Insurance – how to save

Check these stats: young drivers under 25 are more likely to be involved in a collision. That’s why car insurers charge you more. Typical premiums for a 17-year-old male are £2,000 and about the same for a female.  Lucky for you, we know just how to keep your costs way down.

  • Take a Pass Plus course – some insurers may reward you for those extra lessons with a discount.
  • Fast, flash motors cost more. Go for a car that isn’t souped-up and dripping in alloys. A common make (Vauxhall, Ford) with a small engine is best.
  • Drive safely to reduce your chances of having a collision.
  • Don’t speed – if you’re caught, it will put points on your licence and pounds on your premium.
  • Look for insurance companies that specialise in cover for young drivers.
  • Shop around – don’t go for the first quote. Use comparison websites such as, to compare deals and policies.
  • Check your premium when you renew; it’s an expensive trick of insurance companies to rocket it upwards after the first year.
  • Keep your mileage down, below 10,000 a year.
  • Don’t modify – insurers will make you pay for a fancy paint job or a tweaked engine. If you do modify your car’s looks or performance, tell your insurer or they may penalise you.
  • Pay in one go – paying for your premium bit by bit will cost more.
  • Have a black box (tracker) fitted – some insurers encourage the use to monitor and report how you are driving.  Drive well and within the limits and you will be rewarded with lower premiums.
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