How to drive economically

Despite the recent drop in fuel prices, filling up your car is still ludicrously expensive. However, if you’re not driving economically, you might as well be throwing your money away.

By driving economically, you could save between £250 and £300 a year on your fuel bills, and all you have to do is make a few simple modifications to your driving style.

So, just by driving economically, you could be saving enough every year to buy a new iPod or the best part of a new games console. Sounds good right? Of course it does, but how exactly do you drive economically?

  • Drive smoothly, with no hard braking or accelerating.
  • Read the road ahead, so you can drive more smoothly.
  • Don’t rev the engine unnecessarily and use the gears correctly, by changing up early.
  • Stick to speed limits – sitting at 80mph uses a lot more fuel than sitting at 70mph.
  • Don’t warm up the engine for ages before setting off in the morning.
  • Be sparing with the air conditioning and don’t open windows at high speed; it increases drag.
  • Keep your car serviced properly, to maintain engine efficiency.
  • Avoid excessive idling of your engine; it’s often more economical to switch it off altogether.
  • Fuel prices at the pumps can vary significantly – so shop around.
  • Avoid short journeys; the first two miles use up to 100% more fuel.
  • Ditch any unnecessary junk, to cut weight.
  • Maintain tyre pressures; underinflated tyres use more fuel and need replacing more regularly.
  • If possible, travel at quieter times; getting stuck in jams is inefficient.
  • Plan your route, so you don’t cover unnecessary miles.
  • Reduce drag by not sticking things on the roof or tailgate, if they’ll go inside the car. Keep weight to a minimum too.
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