How to buy new…

So you’ve got the budget to buy new wheels. But what motor’s best for you and how do you get it at the best price?

“I’ve always liked cars. I’ve bought a couple of expensive ones in my time,” says England rugby star Mark Cueto. “I bought an Audi TT sports car, which I had for six months before selling it for a bit less. However, I was given a free car by my sponsor, so it worked out OK in the end.”

Ask yourself…
Where will you use the car? On motorways, for cheeky city trips, for off-roading adventures? Take it easy, Clarkson!
Do you want reliable, sporty or easy to drive?
How much will road tax cost you? Small engines cost less.
How many miles to the gallon (mpg) will you get? And is the fuel petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid?
What’s your budget?

Ask the dealer…
Is road tax included?
Are registration fees included?
What deals can you give me? Free insurance, cashback…?
Is delivery included?
How soon can the car be delivered?                                                                                                                                                                    Is there a warranty?

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