Flat tyre

In an ideal world, you’d never get a flat tyre… Fat chance! The average car gets a puncture every 38,000 miles.

Hopefully your time will come when your motor’s parked just outside your front door or in the garage. Nice and convenient. But if your tyre goes flat when you’re driving along the A12 in the peeing rain, what do you do?

You’ll know if you suddenly get a flat tyre while driving. You’ll hear a flapping sound and your car will go a bit wonky. Don’t slam on the brakes – try to let the car gently slow down to a stop. And steer gently towards the nearside until you come to a standstill; no cranking the steering wheel from side to side.

Once you’ve stopped, put your hazard lights on to warn other drivers. Now pull the handbrake on and stick your car in first gear or park. Turn your engine off. Place the hi-vis warning triangle behind your car.

If you’ve got breakdown cover, call them. Let the experts do the dirty work. If not, check you’ve actually got a spare tyre and a jack beneath all the rubbish that’s filling up your boot. Change the tyre.  Note that if you have a ‘spacesaver’ tyre, this should be used for getting you to the nearest garage to change to a recommended tyre for your car, and not to do fast speeds along the motorway or fast roads – good luck!

Watch this for how to change a tyre.

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