Drug driving

Everyone knows that drink and driving don’t mix. But doing drugs before getting behind the wheel can be just as dangerous. One in five of those who die on roads have taken illegal drugs.

Cannabis will make you drive more calmly; good idea, right? Wrong. Cannabis slows down your reaction times, it can also be detected weeks after taking it.

Cocaine will make you more alert, right? No. It can make you take dangerous risks. Find out the effects of other drugs here: link to Different Drugs section

Drugs can slow your reaction times, make your driving erratic or aggressive. You might even be sick, or get hallucinations, the shakes or dizziness while you drive. It’s not a good combo.

Over-the-counter or prescribed drugs can affect your driving ability just as much as illegal drugs.

Police powers 

Just because the cops can’t breathalyse for drugs, they can still catch you red-handed. They will:

  • Check your eyes for dilated or constricted pupils
  • Ask you to close your eyes for 30 seconds. Drugs can speed up or slow down your body clock
  • Ask you to walk in a straight line and back, while counting the steps
  • Ask you to stand on one leg without swaying or putting your foot down
  • Ask you to touch your nose with your finger.


If you’re caught, you’ll lose your licence for at least 12 months, be fined up to £5000 and face up to six months in prison. You could face 14 years in prison if you’re convicted of causing death by careless driving. Penalties can be as tough for over-the-counter drugs. A conviction stays on your licence for 11 years. And you’ll pay three times as much for insurance. Your car insurance could significantly increase and you could loose your job.  You may also have difficulty travelling abroad particularly to the USA.

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