Driving while high

Every drug will have different effect on your driving skills. This quick guide tells you exactly why drug driving is never a good idea.  Give yourself a fighting chance, if you crash and need urgent medical help, if you have illegal drugs in your system, they could kill you.  Many young people die because they don’t respond to the drugs given to them in intensive care, if they’ve taken something illegal first.


Slows your reactions. Judging speed and distance is difficult, concentration zilch. Effects last for at least two hours if you’ve eaten used cannabis or drunk alcohol.


Distorts light and sound, making road conditions confusing. You’ll be over-confident and take risks. The comedown can make you so tired you’ll fall asleep at the wheel.


Blurs vision and distorts perception, which you use to interpret road signs. Gives you a rush of energy. Strong effects last for four hours; milder effects for another six hours on top.


Poor coordination, double vision and distorts senses, which are vital for safe driving. Effects last up to 12 hours with flashbacks days later.


Makes you sleepy and slows reactions with poor coordination. Constricted pupils let in less light – bad for night driving. Effects can last up to 24 hours.


Makes you dizzy, anxious and over-excited, with less coordination and concentration. Strong effects last up to six hours, followed by a long, knackering comedown.

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