Controlling a skid

Even the Formula 1 drivers skid – it happens to the best drivers, and at some time, it’ll happen to you. Water, ice, road surfaces or wet leaves can send you skidding out of control. So what should you do?

Tip number one: stay cool and don’t panic. You’ve got more time to react than you think. And driving experts say it’s always – repeat: ALWAYS – worth trying to regain control.

You can skid in two ways: oversteer and understeer

If the front swings out of control that’s called understeer. Your front tyres have lost their grip. Try to steer straight.

If the back swings wide, that’s oversteer. Your back tyres have lost their grip. Steer into the skid.


  • Take your foot off the accelerator – gently
  • Steer into the skid – your rear wheels will slow down and regain their grip
  • Straighten up the steering as you slow down and stop sliding
  • Brake very gently once the tyres have started to grip again
  • Stay calm


  • Brake suddenly
  • Accelerate suddenly
  • Steer away from the skid
  • Over-steer – spinning the steering wheel round and round won’t turn the car. The back end will swing out one way, and then the other
  •  Get in a panic
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