Cleaning your car properly

“’Ello Dave, got a new mot-ah?” Nope, just a clean one. Keeping your car clean keeps it lean, mean and longer-lasting. And if you’re selling your wheels, you can ask more pennies for a well looked after motor.

First, let’s do the outside. If your motor’s a moving heap of mud, oil and grime, buy some proper bodywork shampoo conditioner… er, not from the cosmetics counter! For £6 this stuff is made to clean off traffic film and then slap a lovely water-repellent barrier all over your paintwork.

Special wheel cleaner will also clean off the brake dust, salt and general traffic grime. Spray it on, brush it about and rinse it off.

Now, dry the car with a chamois leather and get polishing. Car polish, like super resin polish, puts a protective barrier between paintwork and weather.

To scrub up your windscreen and windows, don’t use household glass cleaner; many contain wax, which will go smeary in wet weather. Buy a windscreen cleaner.

Now for the inside. You can buy interior shampoo to clean all the interior surfaces. Don’t forget the carpet, seats and headlining, especially if you smoke or drive a lot with open windows. Don’t forget your car’s plastic bits. A vinyl and rubber care cleaner will protect the seats and dashboard from sun damage and rubber door seals from corroding. Sorted!

Don’t be tempted to pressure wash the engine area as water can get into the plugs and can cause the car to cough and splutter!

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