Car security

When you step out of your car would you leave the keys conveniently in the ignition?? Like, doh! But a massive 90% of high-value car thefts use the car’s keys.

For a few pounds, you can fit your car with an alarm or an immobiliser that should deter thieves. You can also get your car registration number applied to car windows (it’s etched on), which means it could be traced if stolen.

For no pounds and just a bit of common sense, you can keep your car safe and sound:

  • Always remove your car keys and engage your steering lock.
  • Always lock your car – even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Make sure you’ve closed all windows.
  • Take stuff with you or lock it in the boot, out of sight. Even a plastic bag can look tasty to a thief.
  • Don’t leave precious vehicle docs in your car. That’s like walking around with your birth certificate and passport.
  • Keep car keys somewhere safe – not left in a jacket when you’re out, and not left visible through a window when you’re at home.
  • Don’t leave an engine running in winter, to heat up your car or clear an icy windscreen.
  • Drive with doors locked to avoid car-jacking.
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