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These days cars are incredibly secure. What with central locking, alarms, deadlocks and engine immobilisers, it’s tempting to think that when you press that button on your key fob that the your pride and joy is safe and sound. However, while it’s true that modern cars are hard to break into, car crime is still a big problem, and as the technology behind car security becomes more sophisticated, so do the crooks.

Some thieves steal their wares using a remote control device which blocks the signal from your car when you lock the car, leaving it open. Others reprogram ‘blank’ keys from the dealer to nick cars with keyless entry. And, of course, some criminals will simply break into your house and take the keys.

Of course, you can’t eliminate the risk of someone stealing your wheels, but there are some things you can do to minimise the risk.

  • Never leave your car keys visible in your hallway, where they can be seen through the letterbox.
  • Don’t leave your keys in the ignition when buying petrol, opening the boot or popping into a shop.
  • Never hang up your jacket in a public place with your keys in it.
  • Be wary of using a locker at the gym; they’re a prime target for car key thieves.
  • In the winter, don’t leave an engine running to clear the windscreen; cars are often nicked as a result.
  • Drive with your doors locked, to reduce the risk of being car-jacked – especially in slow moving traffic or urban driving.
  • Carry your keys securely; don’t allow them to be dropped or to fall through a trouser pocket.
  • Don’t reveal on social media that you’re away from home – if your car is still there. You might come back to find it gone.

This footage shows how easy it is for a determined thief with the right kit to steal your motor:

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