1. Get your vehicle off the road if possible.
  2. Turn your hazard lights on to warn other traffic.
  3. Wait outside the vehicle – your car could easily be rear-ended.
  4. Try to wear light-coloured clothing or pull on your hi-vis jacket.
  5. Put the warning triangle on the road, 45 metres behind your broken-down car. Be very careful setting up the warning triangle on a motorway – the hard shoulder is extremely dangerous.
  6. Don’t stand between your car and oncoming traffic and don’t stand in front of your lights at night. Other drivers need to see them.
  7. If you break down on a motorway and you can’t make it to the next junction to pull off, pull onto the hard shoulder, positioned as far to the left as possible. Wait outside your car, on the verge; many motorway fatalities occur on the hard shoulder.
  8. On motorways, look for an emergency phone (there’s one every mile). It’s free and connects you to the police or Highways Agency. Only use your mobile to contact the emergency services if you know EXACTLY where you are – which is unlikely.
  9. On motorways, leave your car by the door on the passenger side.
  10. On a motorway hard shoulder, never try to fix your car – it’s too dangerous.

Who to call

If you’ve got breakdown cover with the AA, RAC or anyone else, call them for help. Or you can try to phone a local garage.

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