Breakdown cover

What is breakdown cover?

It’s a bit like insurance because you’re paying for something you might never use – you might never break down. Unlikely! And when you do break down, miles from people, a garage and tools, you’ll be pleased you can call out an emergency mechanic.

How much does it cost?

Cover costs from around £30 a year. But if you break down and have to join on the spot, the emergency call-out fee can cost three times as much.

What does it cover?

Stuff like labour costs, and getting your car towed to a local garage or even all the way home. Without cover, calling a mechanic to change a flat tyre can cost anything from £60 to £100. Yikes.

How to choose cover

Basic roadside assistance means a mechanic will come out to fix your car and, if they can’t fix it, get your car to a garage or your home. Personal cover includes whatever car you drive; ordinary cover means only one, named car. Some packages with bells on will send you a courtesy car. But don’t pay for stuff you don’t need. For instance, Europe-wide cover if you never leave the UK.

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