Breakdown cover – why you need it

It’s every driver’s nightmare – that heart-stopping moment when your car suddenly decides to stop working, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

What would you do if your car broke down? Even if you’re handy with the spanners, you might not have the tools or parts to fix it. And if you run out of fuel or suffer a flat battery, you’ll be looking at nearly £100 to get yourself back on the road if you call a garage. If you need to get your car relayed somewhere, you can be looking at hundreds.

What you need is breakdown cover.

Breakdown cover is effectively an insurance, so you’re paying out for something you may never need. But like any insurance, when you do need the cover, you’ll be glad you took it out. And unlike car insurance, everyone pays the same fee. Even better, if you live with your parents and they’ve got breakdown cover, you can probably be included on their policy for little or no extra cash.

There are loads of companies offering breakdown cover, offering a whole range of products, from basic roadside assistance to a full-on package that’ll provide a courtesy car or hotel accommodation if you break down. Prices range from £30 to £150 or more. For roadside assistance and recovery, expect to pay around £60.

The most common problems:

  • Flat battery
  •  Flat tyre or tyre blowout
  • Keys locked in vehicle or lost
  • Electrical fault (including engine management system faults)
  • Transmission failures (including clutch)
  • Running out of fuel
  • Blown head gasket
  • Starter motor issues
  • Other engine problems
  • Misfuelling
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