A guide to fuel additives

Maintaining your car properly can save you loads of money in the long term; however, the problem is that it means spending cash up front, which is why so few of us do it.

But just because maintaining your car means putting your hand in your pocket, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, and one of the best ways of improving your car for a relatively low cost is with a fuel additive.

Your car’s engine is bound to be chock-full of contaminants that have built up, leading to power loss, poor running and increased fuel consumption. Putting an additive in the fuel tank is a great way of combating this.

You can buy products for petrol and diesel engines, for £6-15 per treatment. Capable of removing deposits in fuel injectors, leading to greater engine efficiency, it should prove to be money well spent.

There are various players in the market, including Redex, Comma and Wynns, along with STP. Each offers an array of potions that you simply pour into your fuel tank when you fill up.

The additive mixes with the fuel and is drawn through the system, cleaning as it goes. Add one of these bottles of liquid magic a couple of times each year and you should have an engine that runs much more cleanly and should pass the MoT emissions check more easily as a result.

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