What happens in the driving test?

So, you’ve passed the full theory test: now for the practical driving test. It all begins with a brief eyesight test – reading the number plate on a car about 20 metres, or six car length away, don’t wait until the test before you get your eyes checked out – as well as two vehicle safety questions. For example: check the engine’s brake fluid level under the bonnet.

The driving test lasts around 40 minutes. Your examiner isn’t looking for driving perfection but for an overall level of driving safety. They will ask you to perform two reversing manoeuvres and maybe an emergency stop, too.

Don’t panic if you make a mistake in the first minute; you can make up to 15 small driving faults and still pass. That includes stalling the car; a couple of stalls are ok. So don’t assume you’ve failed and give up. Keep driving safely. If you make a serious or dangerous mistake, however, you will automatically fail the test.

“I passed my test on the second attempt. It took me about six months to a whole year to feel fully confident behind the wheel. Now I am fine, but I’m always careful on the roads,” say TV star Konnie Huq.

It’s not true that examiners have to fail a certain number of drivers each week; if you’re a good enough driver, you will pass. The examiner will tell you if you’ve passed or failed straight after the test and you can ask for feedback.

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