Top 10 hazards for bikers

“I got knocked off my scooter by some idiot in a white van, who didn’t indicate and was driving a little bit crazy,” says TV chef Jamie Oliver. “When I fell off, I put my tooth through my lip, which hurt, but luckily that’s all that happened.”

1. Turning vehicles – getting hit by an oncoming vehicle turning left is the numero uno cause of a motorbike crash.

2. Mirror blind spots – always turn your head to check before pulling out or overtaking.

3. Roundabouts and turning – let other drivers move first; don’t trust their signals.

4. Undertaking – never try to pass a vehicle on the inside. You don’t know if they’re about to turn left – and squash you.

5. Undertaking a long vehicle: buses; trailers and so on. They may look as if they’re turning right because they need to swing out before they can turn left.

6. Dangerous surfaces – wet roads, snow’n’ice, sand, gravel, railway tracks, potholes. All of them can send you out of control.

7. Speeding into a turn. Go too fast and you may overshoot the turn and cross the middle into the path of oncoming traffic. Boom!

8. Not being seen by motorists. Make sure you wear hi-vis gear.

9. Lane changing – beware vehicles swerving to avoid obstacles.

10. No room – stick at a good distance from whatever’s driving in front.

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