Show me/tell me questions

When it comes to taking your practical test, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is read a number plate from a set distance away, which shouldn’t be too difficult unless you’re short-sighted and you’ve left your glasses or contacts at home.

The second thing you’ll be asked to do is slightly more complicated; however, with a little bit of swotting-up beforehand, you’ll breeze through it with no problem.

Your examiner will ask you two show me/tell me questions, which require you to either show or explain to him how you would undertake simple maintenance tasks on your car.

If you fail to answer one or both of these questions and you’ll notch up a driving fault before you’ve even got into the car, so it’s important to get it right; however, getting the questions wring won’t lead you to fail your test automatically.

There are 12 show me questions and seven tell me questions, and they’re asked in fixed combinations. So whichever show me question you’re asked, you know what the tell me question will be. Scroll down past the videos to see what the questions, and the answers, are.

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