Second-hand bikes

1. Check the V5C log book and check the frame and engine numbers match the docs and registration mark.

2. Look for bashes, scratches, broken body panels or obvious repairs: BAD news!

3. Look out for leaks.

4. Check the front forks are straight and not pushed backwards.

5. The tyres should have a deep tread and no cracks (cracks show the bike’s been standing still for a while).

6. The drive chain shouldn’t be too slack; it should be well-oiled. You want healthy sprockets, too; not worn or hooked.

7. Check the suspension by bouncing the bike up and down. Don’t be shy, now.

8. Do the brakes work? Are the disc pads worn out?

9. Flash the lights and indicators. Hoot the horn. Everything in working order?

10. Take it for a test spin. Still in doubt? Don’t buy!

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