Private practice

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and for jolly good reason: the DSA estimates that to pass your test, you’ll need around 45 hours of professional driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice.

Make your practice as good as you can and you’ll probably cut down the number of lessons you need. And fewer lessons = less dosh.

Practice doesn’t just mean a quick drive to Lakeside for a shopping spree, though this can help. After all, you’ve gotta learn to park in a multi-storey sooner or later. Your practical driving test examines 24 key skills. You need to practise on different types of road, including dual carriageways, in different weather conditions, in the dark, and you need to perfect all those tricky manoeuvres.

Handily, the DSA has just the thing to monitor your practice progress, with a downloadable Driver’s Record private practice sheet.

This lists the skills you should practice, with space to mark yourself. You can also ask your instructor to chat with your parent / best mate / whoever takes you out for driving practice, to advise on what and how you should practise.

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