Parallel parking

“Bruv, you could get a lorry in there!” The pressure’s on when you’ve got to park in a tight space. But follow these tips and you’ll be swinging into cheeky spaces all around Chelmsford.  Practice is a car park, reversing into spaces once you have got the hang of it is much easier than driving into a tight spot and safer for you when returning to your car at night.  It also gives you much better visibility when driving out so is safer for everyone.

  • Spotted a parking space? Signal so other cars know it’s yours.
  • Stop to the side of the car you’re parking behind, so the cars are about even. You want to have about an arm’s length between you and the parked car.
  • Crank into reverse. Now, slowly ease backwards.
  • Pick a reference point on your car about one-third from the rear – the front edge of the rear side window, say. Reverse straight until this point lines up with the end of the parked car.
  • Start turning into your parking spot. Aim for the right back corner of the space.
  • Now check your rear-view mirror or look over your shoulder – whichever is easier. When you see the kerb half way along your back windscreen, start to straighten up.
  • You might need a little shuffle forwards but that’s it. Job done!
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