Making the most of your lessons

You’ve paid out for your driving lessons so make the most of each 60 minutes behind the wheel…

Wake up! Pick a time of day when you’re most alert and can concentrate well. If you’re a lifeless lump in the morning, book your lessons for the afternoon.

Feet first Think what you’re wearing on your feet. Don’t wear heels, flip-flops, or fat-soled trainers cos you won’t be able to control the pedals.

Don’t freak out Driving lessons should be exciting, enjoyable and your ticket to freedom. Your first lessons might feel like multi-tasking madness: mirrors, signals, brakes, steering, pedals, gears, other cars, cyclists, pedestrians. Woah!  Stay calm, concentrate and you’ll naturally remember everything.

Practice Ask a friend or someone in your family – who’s passed their test – to take you out driving between lessons. The more practice you get, the faster you’ll learn, the more confident you’ll get and the fewer lessons you’ll need. Practise driving in different conditions; at night, in rain, on smaller and main roads.

Get a map It might sound a bit OCD but if you check out a map of your driving test area, you’ll get used to the roads faster. You’ll know where there’s a roundabout, a cheeky pedestrian crossing, or a one-way system.

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